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Terms of Service:

These Terms of Service govern your use of the Funnel-e website, mobile app, and related services. They’re a binding agreement between you and Funnel-e (or, if you represent a company, your company). Key points:


  • You agree to these terms by using the service.
  • Funnel-e may use affiliates and third parties to process your payment.
  • If you represent a company, you confirm you have the authority to agree to these terms on their behalf.

    These terms apply to all users of the Funnel-e service, including different user types mentioned later. Agreeing to the terms is mandatory for using the service. If you don’t agree, don’t use the service.

Funnel-e offers various cloud-based services, including platforms, apps, and APIs. They can change features without notice, but will inform you of major changes. Their services are for users 16 and over, and some require additional agreements. You can purchase additional services with their own terms.

Account Creation and Management on Funnel-e

  • Creating an Account: You become a “Customer” by setting up an account. The first user is an “Admin.”
  • Account Info: Provide accurate information and keep your password secure. You’re responsible for your account activity.
  • Verification: We may ask for info to confirm your identity and account security.
  • Admins: Manage the account, purchase services, control user access, and more. Decisions by Admins bind the Customer.
  • Users: Different user types have different permissions. Assign the right type to each user. You’re responsible for their activity.

    Your Data on Funnel-e (Customer Data)

    • You own your data (text, files, etc.) uploaded to the service.
    • We can use it to operate the service, prevent issues, and comply with legal requests.
    • You’re responsible for ensuring your data complies with laws and doesn’t infringe on others’ rights.
    • Don’t upload sensitive data like health information or payment card details.

Public User Submissions on Funnel-e


  • You can share comments, information, etc. publicly on the platform (“Public User Submissions”).
  • By doing so, you give Funnel-e permission to use them for any legal purpose, like marketing.
  • You’re responsible for ensuring your submissions comply with the Acceptable Use Policy and don’t infringe on others’ rights.
  • We’re not responsible for other users’ content on the platform.


Funnel-e owns everything on the platform except your data.

  • You can use the platform for your internal business purposes only.
  • Don’t try to modify, copy, or sell the platform or its content.
  • We can use your feedback to improve the platform without any obligation to you.
  • API access is limited to internal use and subject to change.

Third-party services on Funnel-e:

  • Funnel-e connects you to other services, but doesn’t endorse them. You’re responsible for checking their terms and privacy policies.
  • Your data might be shared with these services when you integrate them. Make sure you understand the implications.
  • Funnel-e may charge fees for some third-party services. These fees are separate from your Funnel-e subscription.
  • Third-party services can change or be discontinued at any time. Funnel-e isn’t responsible for this.
  • Be careful clicking links to other websites. Funnel-e doesn’t control them and isn’t responsible for their content.


Funnel-e Subscriptions: 

  • Subscriptions renew automatically unless you cancel 30 days before.
  • Upgrades and additional users restart your subscription term.
  • Payments are non-refundable, except for Trial Services.
  • Discounts and promotions may not apply at renewal.
  • Credits expire after 90 days or when your subscription ends.
  • Partners may handle billing, but Terms of Service still apply.

Funnel-e Refunds and Trials: 

  • You can get a refund on your first purchase within 30 days, but not on renewals or upgrades.
  • Some services are non-refundable.
  • Chargebacks may lead to service suspension.
  • Trial services are limited and “as-is.”
  • Liability for trial and pre-released services is limited to $100.

Funnel-e Termination & Confidentiality:

  • Term: Ends when your subscriptions finish.
  • Termination for cause: Breaches of terms, insolvency.
  • Termination by you: Cancel, delete account, but pay remaining fees.
  • Termination effect: Access ends, data may be deleted.
  • Suspension: May occur for security, breach, payment issues.
  • Confidentiality: Both sides keep info secret (except for public info or info already known).
  • Disclosure only allowed in limited circumstances.


    Funnel-e Warranties & Liability: 


    • No warranties! Services are provided “as-is” with no guarantees.
    • They cannot guarantee uninterrupted service, security, or error-free operation.
    • They are not responsible for data loss, delays, or damages beyond their control.
    • Their maximum liability is limited to the fees you paid in the past year.

Funnel-e Indemnification & Legal Stuff: 

  • You agree to protect Funnel-e from claims due to your or your users’ violation of terms or data infringement.
  • Funnel-e agrees to protect you from claims of intellectual property infringement by their services, with limitations.
  • Both parties must cooperate in defense and settlement of claims.

Third-Party Components:

  • Services include third-party code with separate licenses.
  • Funnel-e makes no warranty for these components.
  • See the full list of copyrights and licenses for details.

Funnel-e Legal Stuff: Simplified


  • Export controls and sanctions apply. Check if they affect you.
  • We may change these terms sometimes, and using the service after means you accept them.
  • For US government users, specific terms apply regarding data rights and source code

Funnel-e Legal Disputes & Arbitration: 


  • Israeli law applies, disputes settled in Tel Aviv-Jaffa courts.
  • No class action lawsuits. Disputes go to binding arbitration.
  • Arbitration details:
    • ICC Rules apply, arbitrator in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, English language.
    • Max 60 days, confidential, award final and enforceable.
    • Must start arbitration within 2 years of knowing about the claim.
    • Notice required before starting arbitration.

Funnel-e General Stuff & Housekeeping: 

  • English version of terms prevails, translated copies for your convenience.
  • Neither party liable for unforeseen events like internet outages.
  • No partnership created, no third-party beneficiaries.
  • Notices sent via email, phone, or mail depending on the situation.
  • You can’t assign terms without written approval, we can.
  • If a term is invalid, others still apply.
  • No waivers or reliance on verbal statements.
  • Mobile app may have additional rules.
  • Terms may change, check back or subscribe for updates.

Privacy Policy:

Funnel-e collects and uses personal data, such as contact information, usage data, and device information, for various purposes including providing the Services, marketing, complying with legal obligations, and protecting users.

Data may be disclosed to service providers, partners, application providers, event sponsors, customers, other users, legal authorities, and others in certain circumstances.

Users have rights to access, correct, delete, and object to the processing of their data. They can also withdraw consent and make choices about how their data is used for marketing purposes.’

For more details, please refer to the full privacy policy.



Key points:

  • Funnel-e collects various personal data.
  • Data is used for different purposes, like offering services and marketing.
  • Data may be shared with specific entities under certain conditions.
  • Users have rights regarding their data.
  • See the full policy for more information.

Funnel-e uses cookies and similar technologies to track activity and personalize your experience. You can adjust cookie settings or opt-out of promotional communications.

Key points:

  • Cookies track your activity on websites and services.
  • They help personalize your experience and improve performance.
  • You can control cookies and opt-out of promotional emails.
  • See the Cookie Policy for more details.

Funnel-e takes data security seriously but can’t guarantee absolute protection. You have rights to access, correct, delete, or restrict your data processing. Contact +972525704092 to exercise these rights.

Key points:

  • Funnel-e uses industry-standard security measures but offers no absolute guarantees.
  • You have various rights regarding your personal data.
  • Contact +972525704092 to exercise your rights.

Funnel-e acts as both data controller and processor depending on the situation.

  • Data controller: For your own data and those of users you invite (Prospects, Users, Technology Partners).
  • Data processor: For data uploaded by customers (Customer Data), acting on their instructions.

Customers are responsible for:

  • Getting user consent and complying with data laws when using Funnel-e.
  • Handling data subject rights requests for their users.

Contact your customer’s Account Admin for data requests related to Customer Data.


Funnel-e Updates Privacy Policy Regularly

  • Check for changes on the service.
  • Screen reader accessibility available.
  • CCPA info included.
  • No child data collection intended.
  • Contact +972525704092 for questions or complaints.



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