What Makes Us

TO START, FUNNEL-E was designed around the most effective work methods and protocols every successful marketing agency on the market is following. 

Therefore, we’ve constructed the ultimate software that will provide you with the management, communication and creation tools that you need to run a lucrative agency. 

Funnel-E is not a project management system.
Funnel-E is not a communication system.


  • Different user interfaces
  • Different communication methods
  • Different focus
Harmonize communication

Communicate with your clients and employees all under one software.

Manage with total control

Take abstract processes and materialize them in an easy to follow UX.

Expand your horizon

Decrease friction and free yourself to invest in your agency's future

Make work feel like dance

Navigate through clusters of information with ease and simplicity

Orchestrate your marketing With Ease

Marketing is a complex operation. Designers, PPC managers, and videographers are some of the necessary trades for creating a profitable marketing funnel, and with the remote work notion of the world, managing them will become more and more complex as time will pass by.

Funnel E allows you to manage them with ease under its world first, all in one marketing solution which allows you to cut costs aggressively while increasing CLV dramatically and do so all under one roof.
The perfect solution, don’t you think?

The #1 Solution For Your Agency

Breaking the glass ceiling and advancing to the next level of revenue is hard. You are at a stage where fulfilling your service is pretty simple, yet managing your clients and employees just doesn’t sit right. 

But stress no more. Funnel-E will solve the two most common agency killer diseases, miscommunication and disorganization, and will help you harmonize your agency for maximum profitability.  

Provide your marketing solution in 4 simple steps

No matter the service/project, use Funnel-E and distill your fulfillment process to a 4 easy to follow steps per stage:

Provide a brief to the clients

Each stage will have its unique criterias, but no worries, Funnel-E will provide you with them based on the service/project you run.

Get the client's approval

Thanks to Funnel-E’s communication based on fulfillment stage solution, this process will be lighting fast whether the clients approve or disapprove of the brief.

Uploading the products

It has never been that easy to upload your marketing solution for approval. Using our visual content approving system, your employees can directly share their creations for approval.

Verify your products and execute

Cross information with the service/project brief and ensure no information gaps exist. Answer any of your client's questions under the designated chat window and follow their highlights to see visually what he means and quickly obtain the customer's approval.

Marketing feels like dance for Funnel Es users

"Funnel-E helped me increase my revenue by 60% in the first 3 days I used it. I recommend every agency owner to use it!"

Alex Bury from US

"I run a small SMMA for the past 10 months and always find it difficult to understand which of my clients are profitable and who aren't. Funnel-E is a lifesaver."

Buris Plit from Russia

"Funnel-E is exactly what you need in order to run a profitable marketing agency, helping me personally eliminate unnecessary spendings."

Ali vax from Israel

"Thanks to Funnel-E's time management property, I have cleared up my schedule and freed myself to focus on scaling."

Mark Agrip from Netherlands

Frequently Asked Questions

We collected the most asked questions from our clients and compiled them for your convenience.

Q. Can I use this software for free?

Answer: Yes, click "Get Started" for the free 30-day trial today.

Q. Can I see which employee is the most profitable for me?

Answer: Yes, thanks to our Profitability A.I tool, you can

Q. Can I work on global-scale operations?

Answer: Yes, this tool is designed first and foremost for large-scale operations.

Q. Can I use the tool on specific funnels?

Answer: Yes, you can choose to use this tool on any project size.

Q. What Purchase methods are available for Funnel-E?

Answer: Monthly routes cost 8 dollars per seat for team members and 4 dollars per seat for customers On an annual route, you'll pay 6 dollars per team member and 3 dollars per customer

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