For Whom Do We Recommend Funnel-E?

We created the ultimate agency operation center, and that means that plenty of digital agencies and creative professionals can benefit from one of Funnel-E’s features. 


Yet, who are we most suitable for and at what stage?

How It Works

You might be on our “Perfect Match” list.

Using Funnel-E’s unique features will probably take your agency to the next level.

BUT if you are on our “Perfect Match” list, you need to be very, VERY “talented” not to do so…

Wonder what type of agencies are on our “Perfect Match” list?

Digital Marketers

PPC and Media Buyers that want to professionalize their client's skills and significantly reduce their fulfillment time.

Web development

For all web developers who find it hard to explain their future creations to their clients and need a visual system to support their craft.

Advertising companies

For all types of advertising companies who work with many projects and a large number of employees that are looking for an END-END solution

Graphic designers

Any graphic designer who wants to take their skill to the next level and provide top-notch service to their clients.

Video producers

Any video production business or freelancer that wants to be able to explain abstract ideas in an intuitive way to their customers.

Digital agencies

For all type of Digital Agency provides a specific solution for many clients and have a large number of employees who are looking for an END-END solution

Content writers

For any project, best suitable for content writers who struggle to harmonize their ideas and their clients' ideas due to bad communication.

Content creators

For contact creators who find it hard to create content while simultaneously managing their customers' feeds.

Marketing managers

For all C.M.Os that needs An END-END system that masseur profitability both of the client and the employee, every KPI and gives a bird's eye view on active projects.

Are you on the “Perfect Match” list?

If so, Eunnel-E’s ultimate agency operation center will be the hidden weapon that will allow you to take your operation to the next level.

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What Makes Us The Best Choice

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Funnel-E designed in such a way that the margin of error for managing clients is minimized. In this manner, the products are manufactured more accurately and satisfy the needs of all parties.


With us, you will not need to leave the office to shout at your colleagues "Reset your clocks" It is all automatic, how is that possible? This is because we are familiar with your processes and the clients for which you work...


The software is designed exclusively for this industry and is used for managing leads, time, customers, and employees.


All of this for a third of the price of competing software on the market!

Based on your calculations

It is evident that you wish to give us a try.

The good news is getting started is a no-lose situation!

Why is this so? Please follow the three steps below

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It doesn't cost anything to open an account (and you don't have to put credit!)

Set Up a Project

It only takes a few minutes to set up a project! Using the software even saves you time


You're trying some software that could change everything! The worst case scenario is you'll stop without paying!

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